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I have been admiring Georgianne Fastia's work from afar for some time now. She holds a studio space where my husband used to paint, and I've always been drawn to her paintings. There is a sweet but eerie quality to each work that I find captivating.

Read on to read what inspires her and how she got her start.


Name: Georgianne Fastia
Age: 45
Town: San Francisco
Number of Children and ages: Sophie Lee, 2
Job: independent artist and founder of FRESHART SF

How long have you been an artist? When did you get your start?

I started painting in 2001, when a boyfriend and I broke up while still sharing a rent controlled apartment. He actually rented my studio for me, to get me out of the house until I found a place of my own.

The Art Explosion rented studios on a month to month basis for under $150, and was open 24/7. It was the ideal corner to hide out in, observing the artistic process of others. I was unemployed and disheartened, however that turned out to be a blessing as I had 18 hours a day to muck about, there were art supplies in the free pile, and good artists that I learned from by observing what worked for them and what did not, and my own interior world, which provided the emotional reservoir from which I drew. Given an equal amount of talent as the next person; there is nothing like an eviction notice from your landlord to help you make smarter painting choices.

Do you have any formal training?
I am completely self taught, however my mom is a high school art teacher and much of what I take as common knowledge, I picked up from her. She taught me to figure things out for myself, mix red and green to get richer blacks, leave parts unfinished for the eye to fill in and when in doubt, throw it out.

How do you find your subjects?
I remain open and receptive to serendipty, a sudden inexplicable congruence in imagery from the collective unconscious. In between shows,here is a fallow period where I allow myself time to idly look through images on flicker, old national geographics, wander the studio, letting songs, images, bits of a poem, sift into my mind.

What is your favorite painting(s) you've created?
For spring Open studios 2009 I was inspired by photographs about Candomble, the AfroCarribean religion celebrating the Orixas.


What inspires your paintings?
Usually an image torn from a magazine will become the inspiration, although I rarely paint as directly from a photograph as I did with '' Girls studying.''


Usually it is more about creating an emotion in the studio and projecting outwards from there. I try to inhabit a state of mind until it has a soundtrack, favors a certain time of day, quality of light. I compile these snippets, in what used to be overflowing notebooks. Now, thanks to blogging, I can upload just about anything, and that becomes my inspiration board, including music in the form of youtube clips.


What do you do for childcare?
We are part of a day care co-op: Puddle Jumpers Workshop, founded in 1975 by local parents who sought an alternative to traditional daycare. My partner and I work there 4 hours for every 16 hours she has care. It works out really well for us and we have made an extended support system of other parents through this amazing experience.

What do you like to do to relax?
The answer to this question has me stumped. Hypothetically? I actually get anxious when I relax. I have a condition called hypomania, and I have learned to channel that energy to my art. It is a genuine struggle for me to relax and that is why motherhood has been so healing for me, because being with my daughter keeps me present and stops my mind from racing.Collage
Do you have any advice for others on how they can make a living as an artist?

Make good work and sell it for a good price. Make it impossible for the patron to not buy it. I notice good artists not making a living — the investment in higher education has a detrimental effect on their ability to sell their work. I believe an emerging artist has not earned the right to charge more than a fair wage for their labors, no matter what they owe for student loans When first starting out, I priced my art for just what it took me to make it: A 30 x 30" painting cost me $100 in materials and averaged 20 hours x's $20 an hour = $500. I consciously call my artwork,“product”. I do not get attached, I work quickly doing prep work in assembly line manner, then I try to get deeply into a state of inspiration to make something beautiful and affordable that I would like to buy myself.

 Most of my clients are first time art buyers: To inspire a person who has never bought art before is a significant thing: You are helping them reframe themselves, now they are “ collectors”. You never know how this goodwill will reveal itself.

Establish a presence in the art world. I practice a principle of abundance and have found ways to become known in the art scene told that feel right for me as an older (unhip) artist and mother (really unhip): giving back to the community by reviewing art shows, offering workshops for beginning artists, and sharing exhibition opportunities through FRESHART SF's Calls For Art.

Think of your career in the long view: I consider every opportunity to get my work before the public eye a good thing, and have vigorously pursued alternative spaces. I sold my first painting at StarBucks for a few hundred dollars to a woman who has since become an avid collector. This July her home was highlighted in Elle Décor and that first painting featured prominently. I have been getting commissions from all over the country as a direct result of that "little sale almost nine years ago, in a coffee shop."

Put equal effort into the business and marketing aspect of your art career as you do the creative. I did not have the benefit/burden of school, I sought out experts in the field that I could afford. I paid Alan Bamberger, writer of artbusiness.com for a private career consultation, the best $150 I ever spent. I read all his articles for artists and took notes. Some of his good advice includes:
  • Easy-to-read price list
  • Put your photo on your promo material
  • Be friendly, approachable and willing to do whatever it takes to get that painting home with them
  • Accept payment on installment, and a discount for repeat customers
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Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood!

 Our character, our values and our happiness were developed during our childhood and carried along within us throughout our entire lives. . Most of us have a good idea about what happened during our childhood, and our recollections are key to our feelings of life satisfaction or unhappiness.

Reparenting can be particularly helpful when we are struggling with childhood  issues  that negatively influence our lives today.  Most of us have felt fatalistic about this problem, thinking that the childhood issues are over and our personality is set. Then we find  ourselves treating our children  the same undesirable way we were treated. We are now intelligent adults capable of understanding the issues that shaped our worldview and able to restructure our personality instead of blaming our parents - The psychological technique I’m referring to is called Re parenting.We can use Re-parenting in a novel manner to reshape our personalities as well as our own parenting styles.

myself at age ten

To Reparent  we analyze the problems we experienced during our childhood then develop an internal coach to guide our adult selves into the changes we wished we had experienced as children. start with one characteristic at a time. For example-- many of us experience a lack of self-love along with an excess of self-criticism resulting in anger at our parents and/or anxiety and depression in our daily lives.  This technique  helps us develop a new,  encouraging internal voice which lovingly guides us through the challenges of life. Replace a pattern of discouragement and disillusion  with supportive self talk   as would a loving parent and feel the self-love radiate throughout your heart.

When our parents have abandoned us emotionally- we become resentful or angry which impedes our life satisfaction.  You can now choose whether to  separate  yourselves from your parents influence or remain angry and resentful.  “forgiveness” therapy  can help discharge angry feelings, and release negative patterns. .work with one issue at a time until you have made meaningful changes in your life.


The Theory of Awesomeness (How to Live in the "Ultimate State of Human E...

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The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

So what amazing experiences do you want to attract into into your life? 
- A loving and supportive family life? 
-- A sustaining companionship with a partner who adores you? 
-- A career that you never dread the night before? 
-- A world where money is no longer an issue? 
-- An optimal level of health and peak performance?
 the possibilities are literally endless.

Part 2 of 3: The Art of the Bounce Back

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 I was very inspired to find many other women around the world  doing this important work.

Terri Fedonczak is a mentor for teen girls and their moms, a curator of powerful women,both young and old. She champions their journey to find their own inner lioness power  through her organization GIRL POWER FOR GOOD. 

"On a trip to South Africa, I witnessed the power of lionesses as they supported each other within the Pride; which led me on a mission to bring the power of the Pride to girls and their parents.The concept behind Girl Power for Good is for every girl, regardless of age, to find her pride. not just an inner pride but it’s also a call to action for girls to find their outer Pride: a support group of sisters, both biological and social. Instead of backbiting and competition, I want to live in a world where girls discover their own lioness power and choose to use it for good"    


playdoh joy

"...the reality of any joy in the world is indescribable, only in joy does creation happen (happiness, on the contrary, is only a promising and interpret-able pattern of things already existing); joy, however, is a marvelous increasing of what already exists, a pure addition out of nothingness."

me and sophie making cats out of playdoh for the first time

I commit to 
  • Clearing myself of old‚ limiting beliefs
  • Freeing myself from my painful and destructive past
  • Moving forward in my life and leaving all the old baggage behind
  • Opening myself up to all the possibilities and abundance around me
  • Transforming my mind‚ body and spirit to exceed old expectations
  • Changing and designing a new life that rises above my old limitations


from Art Patron Traci Scovel

From Art Patron Traci Scovel

My favorite paintings thus far by Georgianne are Oxum and The Procession.   As a dance enthusiast with particular interest in dances from the African Diaspora, Oxum spoke to me as soon as I saw the painting from afar.  I knew it would be mine without even having seen her up close or really knowing who the figure represented, again my initial view was from afar and in passing, really.

      Oxum  Orisha of freshwater & Pearl                                                                            Procession

The textures, colors, subtleties, grace, power, essence of mother, sensuality and so much more are captured in Georgianne's painting--these are among many of Oxum's attributes.  Oxum, a goddess in the Yoruba Lucumi tradition of Nigeria and by way of the middle passage, alive and well in places like Brazil, Cuba and Haiti, holds a very special place in my heart.  Every day I give thanks to "Iyalode" for the many blessings she brings, the opportunities she presents and even the challenges and heartbreak I experience at points in my life.  These experiences are what make us stronger, effective, compassionate, contributing beings and so I am grateful.

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transforming the mistake

Artist Interview by Emily Citraro

GEORGIANNE FASTAIA was born in Brooklyn , New York , in 1964 to a middle class family that later moved to Connecticut . Her mother, a High School art teacher, encouraged Georgianne to follow her passion and live creatively, however, she only seriously began painting in 2001. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State Universityearning a B.A. in Creative Writing and did additional study in Clinical Psychology at Lewis and Clark University , Portland , Oregon .

A self-taught painter, she supports her 2 year old through her work which has been exhibited in galleries throughout California. Her art is also in private collections across the country, and has been featured in Art Week Magazine, The SF Chronicle, and the July 2009 issue of ELLE Décor.

Georgianne experienced some difficult setbacks in life, including moving from home at age sixteen and working while finishing high school and college. She ultimately found herself enmeshed in addiction, yet Georgianne has managed to find a way to thrive in the face of adversity, and looks back at her experiences with candor and hope for the future, stating that in that painful experience lies " the heart and soul of things" and the raw emotion that defines truly felt experience. It is this wellspring of feeling that draws collectors of her work. These difficult times have had a direct impact on her work as an artist, though not in the way one would imagine: through the process of recovery and soul-searching, Georgianne has embraced both the light and the dark, the painful experiences she inflicted upon herself are not recounted with shame but with a sense of strength and optimism. For anyone to begin painting at age 37 and to be selling work a year later; and with no formal training other than a single college course (with Bob Bechtel) is remarkable. To do so after having spent years struggling to recover from chemical dependency illustrates far more of the nature of Georgianne's strength.

When asked how her life experiences impacted her artistic process in producing her enigmatic and beautifully distressed paintings she had this to say, "I think an artist has to have something to share that is authentically their own experience" Periods of my past had been so self destructive that all the artifice which preserves our sense of self -- education, love, family, everything had been stripped away. The process of recovery required rigorous honesty: a willingness to try to confront the unappealing parts of myself. And it required the willingness to do anything to rebuild my life.” Georgianne has now been clean for over a decade. What she learned is reflected in her painting process - to destroy and rebuild the surface over and over until beauty is revealed.

In developing an unorthodox technique of scrubbing her canvases, Fastaia has embraced the distressed aesthetic. Each canvas is covered with layers of paint...Murphy’s oil soap is poured onto the canvas which is tilted to create drips; horizontals and verticals. The soap which is used to clean brushes was a surprising discovery. It eats away layers of paint in what Fastaia calls "LIFTS"----revealing hidden colors below.The process is completely unpredictable and requires a fearless leap of faith for the artist. By giving up control, this process forces her to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the paintings evolution, while staying sensitive to the moments of beauty as they are revealed.

After Hurricane Katrina, Fantasia did a moving series on the flooding of New Orleans .
She explains, "During the ice storm of 1972 we had to evacuate the house. My family spent Christmas in the Salvation Army. What I remember clearly about this were two very contrary ideas coexisting; this awful disaster somehow also held within it a natural beauty that I had never before witnessed, it was as if the world had disappeared into shades of grey. From an early age I was aware of things having many layers. 

I seek to reveal these layers which give depth, history, and complexity to my forms. My route is a process which goes against all standard painting instructions; never mix oil and water. I am actively seeking to create “catastrophes” on the canvas and to work them slowly until their beauty is recognizable.”Whether her subjects are rooftops rising above flood waters, or solitary figures alone in their deepest beliefs, they are unified by her treatment of the canvas; a testament to the power of transformation.

Home: standing on my story


the predominant bent

"In its essential soundness, the soul knows no effort toward God; the love of God is the quietly predominant bent of our nature." r.m.r.

Painting is a great mystery. No one has ever learned quite how to paint. No one has ever learned quite how to see....in painting especially, a man should learn to select from all experience, not only from his own but from that of all ages, essential beauty....art is the expression of one's delight in God's work...

There are always a few who get at and feel the undercurrent, and these simply use the surface appearances selecting them and using them as tools to express the undercurrent, the real life.


do more of what makes you happy


You Must Know What You Want
In this lesson, you’ll understand the importance of knowing what you want. Even though it sounds so obvious to have a clear goal in the front of your mind, there is a possibility that you have been missing out by setting goals in the wrong way.

The Importance (and Clarity) of End Goals
Your mind is not a rock. Your mind is more like clay.You have the power to shape the way your mind functions. You can choose to let others decide what your reality is. Or you can take control with the power of your creative visualization.

You probably know that your subconscious mind functions without your direct influence. But there’s good news…There is an effortless way for you to reprogram your subconscious blueprint, so you experience more success in almost any area of your life…A life you design with brainpower and desire.

 learn how to tell the difference between the whole-picture of your dreams, and details of that picture. Get ready to…Discover YOUR end goal in 7 minutes. (Check out our video exercise.)
  • Get out of the “means” trap, and focus on creating the ends you want.
  • Never confuse the end game with the steps to get there.
  • Focus on the reality of what you want, and let the pieces fall into place.
  • Create your reality faster and more efficiently without getting bogged down in details.
  • Use Creative Visualization as a Tunnel to Your End Goals »
Know Your End Goal. Achieve Your End Goal »Creative Visualization is the Science of Focus…

When you change your mind, or get confused about how to get somewhere, the manifestation process screeches to a halt. The universe must start the process over.Dr. Martin Luther King often spoke about “the fierce urgency of now.” His vision was rooted in equality, social change, and opportunity for all people.And Dr. King knew that time was of the essence. So he visualized his goal, and a series of “coincidences” brought his message to a wide audience.
Think about everything you want, and think about the signals you send to the universe. With conscious thinking, you avoid confusing the subconscious. With time, manifestation occurs.Since the reality you wish to manifest is on a much grander scale than a simple meal decision, it’s imperative to know the exact end goal.

The other details can wait.
The reason things don’t manifest instantly is to ensure that they come to us at the right time in the right way. The science of creative visualization is focus. See your goal, focus on your goal, and the path to get there will reveal itself in time.The Universe has an Important Role in Your Creative Visualization…

The truth is: money is a means. It’s what you want to do with that money that makes up your end goal.And your end goal does not have to be centered on wealth and abundance. Do you ever visit the chiropractor? Perhaps you’ve saved money to visit a massage therapist every week…Your end goal is not to go to the chiropractor. Your end goal is not to have enough money to get the weekly massage.
The big picture goal is what you will do with a healthy body…whatever that may be. And the trouble is that no one but you can identify your end goal.But once you know exactly what you want, that’s when the science of creative visualization works for you. Be persistent and clear.This exercise will help you get there…

The 3 questions that keep you focused on the ends and not the means…

  • What Experiences Do You Want to Have?
  • How Much Do You Want to Grow in Life?
  • What Do You Want to Contribute to Others?
Answer those questions for your end-goal. The results, as long as you’re 100% honest with yourself, build your specific picture for what you want in life.Know the Intention. Let the Universe do the Work. Changing a goal is the byproduct of limitations.t. Set your intentions and carve them inside your mind.

Let this 3-part intentions guide be your mantra, so that you never lose sight of the reality you actually want…Be clear on the reality you wish to manifest.Hold firmly to that idea, and never waver.Wait until the reality comes to life, even if the desire is especially urgent.

To begin creative visualization, you must first become clear and very specific about your desired reality. After that, you must remain firm and persistent about your desire.When you put the focus on the means, that’s when negative and conflicting thinking throws a wrench in your plans. Toxic thoughts will enter your brain, distract you, and make you rethink your power…

“I don’t deserve my dream.” “I can’t afford the life I want.” “This will never work.”What Time Means to The Universe

If you plant a seed, you must nurture it and be patient until it bears fruit. And a beautiful tree does not grow in a few hours.

You are a whole person, but your human constitution is also parts of that whole. In other words, you’re not one-dimensional, and neither are your dreams.For example, if your desire is to become an undersea photographer manifested immediately, you might drown because you would not have developed any diving skills.So you see, the time between asking the universe for the reality you want, and receiving your desire, is a blessing, not a curse.

The universe wants you to be fully happy. Not partly happy.You Only Have One ResponsibilityDecide what you want, give it time, and stay focused!That’s your only mission in the creative visualization process, but it can be somewhat confusing if you change your goal.he one skill you need to develop is directing your thoughts only toward what you want…nothing else. Abraham Hicks said it best…

“Your work is to simply determine what you want… The most valuable skill you could ever develop is the skill of directing your thoughts toward what you want – to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you most want – and then giving your undivided attention to that.”
Your mission is to find your one end goal, instead of a series of means goals. Focus your attention on…Only your end goal, not on the steps to get there. For this lesson, it’s about the destination, not the journey.Ridding your mind of means goal distractions. When this happens, you get closer to the reality you want, not the details of that reality.
Focusing your thinking toward the big picture of what you really want. This way, you will experience everything you want instead of pieces here and there.Your 3 most important questions. From now on, you should always keep them in mind.

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Brave Girls Alliance

Rebecca Hains, professor of advertising and media studies in the communications department at Salem State University, has recently joined with a group of authors, activists, artists, educators, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to found Brave Girls Alliance. The organization’s goal is to advocate for more positive and complex depictions of girls in media and marketing. Through the use of proactive campaigns, Brave Girls Alliance hopes to encourage the media to promote girls who are strong, intelligent and adventurous, rather than the current stereotypical images of girls that focus on sexuality and appearance.
“ Girls learn from a young age that if they don’t fit that mold, they are not truly valued by society—which has serious consequences for their body images and self esteem. The Brave Girls Alliance is working to encourage more socially responsible media for girls.”
The Brave Girls Alliance has kicked off a revolutionary campaign to promote what #BraveGirlsWant in the heart of New York City: Times Square. Through a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign, the BGA raised over $25,000 from its supporters—enough to rent a billboard in Times Square, which began broadcasting messages about what #BraveGirlsWant from the girls themselves..
For more information or to join the Brave Girls Alliance, please visit www.BraveGirlsWant.com.
Go to Salem State University for the complete article 



excerpts from MINDVALLEY's FREE 9-PART series
The Science of Creative Visualization.

Lesson 1 - Avoiding the Reality Trap
Why reality as you know it is just an illusion, and how you can use creative visualization to recreate your ideal reality.
Lesson 2 - Avoiding "Realism"
Learn how to shift your thought patterns, dream BIG, and avoid preconceived "realistic" limitations so you can attract your true desires without compromise.
Lesson 3 - Advanced Practice of Creative Visualization 
Experience life through your own emotional compass and learn why tapping into your emotions is the key to controlling and creating the circumstances around you.
Lesson 4 - Don't Feel Guilty For What You Want
Identify pointless guilt and overcome any negative emotions that's curbing your potential success.
Lesson 5 - You Must Know What You Want
Distinguish your "means" goals and your "end goals, and discover why understanding the difference is crucial to manifesting your desires in it's entirety.
Lesson 6 - Seek Balance In Your Desires
Discover how to create multi-dimensional end goals that can positively impact every area of your life - health, abundance, career, purpose, relationships... - everything.
Lesson 7 - Stay In The Flow State
Partner with the universe, instead of working against it - And begin creating your own luck so you can enter a state of mind where you move effortlessly towards what you truly want.
Lesson 8 - The Expectancy Effect
Learn the important difference between a lack desire and an abundance desire, and begin to expect only the best outcome without preconceived notions of the future.
Lesson 9 - Preserve What You've Got 
Start practicing the simple yet powerful practice of daily gratitude to propel your desired manifestation faster and with ease.
So what amazing experiences do you want to attract into into your life? 
-- A loving and supportive family life? 
-- A sustaining companionship with a partner who adores you? 
-- A career that you never dread the night before? 
-- A world where money is no longer an issue? 
-- An optimal level of health and peak performance?
 the possibilities are literally endless.


The Kick Ass Life Interview with Lisa Nichols


Six time best-selling author, world renowned speaker, teacher and coach, Lisa Nichols, is known throughout the world as a breakthrough specialist for the results she helps others achieve. Guest on the self-help phenomenon “The Secret”, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and Starting Over, Lisa shares with David a 3 step daily exercise that changed her life. This is a wonderful show where David gets real with his good friend Lisa about her journey from a struggling single Mom living in the bad part of town in LA, to internationally acclaimed and widely respected multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Learn about the “No Matter What Workshop” here: http://nomatterwhatworkshop.com/

Connect with Lisa on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/LisaNicholsFanPage

Author: David Wood
Introducing you to Master Trainer David Wood and The Kickass Life Podcast! In this podcast, David will be chatting with some of the worlds most fascinating and influential thought leaders who are impacting the world around us. You are invited to join in as David gets up-close and personal with these amazing people, unlocking their “success code” and letting you discover how these “ordinary” folks have gone on to do extraordinary things in the world, and truly live kickass lives.

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indian girls

girls studying by georgianne fastaia.

36x 60oil 09 sold
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barns midday

barns midday by georgianne fastaia.

42 x42 oil 09 1200. sold
i love this painting. i hope those who bought it love it as much

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Trinidad 20 x 20 oil 08 SOLD

trinity 36 x 36 oil 08 sold

detail, black madonna sold

Personal icons as everyday saints

There is a difference between making an icon, and having it become the object of worship, and making a representation that expresses a truth about God. We cannot depict the Father, the Holy Spirit, or the Trinity. .Herein lies the contradiction of faith, invisible and boundless, yet evidenced through our very real humanity. I became a santera: a saint maker; interpreting the holy moments of each day through a Child's eye.I'm fascinated by the Trinity as a metaphor for aspects of ourselves- If we reveal our spiritual nature when we release our sense of separateness from one another, then it is inevitable that in each new work, the figures grew increasing similar and androgynous.